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RED Talks showcase the amazing work of Badgers across the world—experts in their fields, forward thinkers, creative catalysts, and inspiring philanthropists all with one thing in common: UW–Madison. Start with the hilarious sports mockumentary Dormball (2020), a recently featured short film at the 2020 Wisconsin Film Festival by UW students, and stay for our featured RED Talks, which include short video interviews and stories from our students, faculty, and alumni. Kick back and prepare to laugh, reminisce, and recharge.

Dormball (2020)

Director: Joe Schwaba
Screenwriter: Joe Schwaba
Cast: Joe Schwaba, Dhrtvan Sherman, Jake Melka, Rachel Alsbury
Music: Aidan Seeberg

Description: It’s college bros gone mild in this deadpan take on the seriousness of recreational dorm life. Joe Schwaba’s short is a fitting follow up to his previous Wisconsin Film Festival entry, last year’s Lost Cause.

Director Statement: When I first came to UW–Madison, I was overwhelmed with college life and didn’t think I’d be able to make a film this year. As I met new people and got used to dorm life, I realized that my dorm was a great setting for a film. And who better to star in my film than my fellow floor mates?

Director Biography: Joe Schwaba is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and is currently majoring in communication arts and journalism. His first film, Lost Cause, premiered at the Wisconsin Film Festival in spring 2019. He enjoys comedy writing and stand-up comedy and hopes to make more films in the future.

RED Talks are sponsored in part by the Wisconsin Alumni Student Board (WASB) and the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA).

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